I'm afraid to say things to you. I'm afraid of your words. I don't know what happened to your heart. Your words used to make me feel as if I sat upon a cloud, but now they make me feel lonely. I want to hug you. I think it would help. Even if you yelled, I think it would help. You will always beautiful to me.



nothing happened to my heart nothing happened i was born like this 
sometimes you wear masks because you’re scared of yourself 
don’t be afraid of me 

Some women are
lost in the fire.
Some women are
built from it.
- Michelle K., Some (via larmoyante)

(via halfbunny)

What would you say, or what advice would you give to your 17/18 yr old self?



keep running but know that you’ll never find home; stop looking for one wherever you go 
when he hits you for the first time & you leave for the first time & when he calls you crying for the first time saying “baby please”
please stay gone 
if you keep mistaking pain for love your heart will turn into a baseball bat & anything beautiful any other boy tries to give you will be a mailbox,
just something to break open & leave & when you were small you wanted clean white sheets
on the bed & someone loneliness would end with, remember? 
don’t make the saddest story yours
take no prisoners


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Kylie: ”téo where are you going”